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Below is a list of Roles I have held within the companies I have worked for (Essential Communications, Chelford, SSI and TRL) and responsibilities in those Roles:




2008 -

Head of Digital Marketing

Company: Essential Communications

  • Head of Digital Marketing, responsible for team development, projects, performance appraisal
  • Lead developer/decision-maker for all Internet Marketing projects
  • Website and Microsite design and build
  • Web Application Development
  • SEO Specialist
  • Joomla CMS Specialist
  • Web graphic and Frontend UI Design
  • EShot template design and build
  • Monitoring internet marketing trends and technologies
  • Blue sky internet marketing campaign brainstorming
  • Lead internal IT technical role

2005 - 2008

Technical Marketing Executive

Company: Chelford

  • Manage and develop the Group’s internet presence and corporate image
  • Analyse and recommend the most suitable technology, software applications and services to support the Group Marketing objectives
  • Implement and manage the technical marketing infrastructure for the Group include a contact management system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Manage and execute marketing projects as directed by the Group Marketing Director
  • Manage technology-led marketing campaigns such as email-shots with external agencies
  • Provide technical input to support the Group Marketing objectives
  • Manage product packaging for Group products and services
  • Design and author marketing collateral
  • Review new technology marketing opportunities and recommend cost-effective methods of widening the reach of Group marketing messages and campaigns

1997 -

Web Developer / Web Designer

Companies: Chelford, SSI and TRL

  • To design graphics and interfaces for web-based products.
  • To keep abreast of the latest web technologies and apply where appropriate to the design and development of web products.
  • Maintain corporate image and branding on interfaces and designs.
  • Develop and maintain web applications for the intranet and extranet as required.

1997 -


Companies: Chelford, SSI and TRL

  • Maintain and develop the Group Web sites infrastructure and hosting, design, content, search engine submissions, monitor traffic and web site effectiveness.
  • Ensure websites meet with corporate branding and design standards.
  • Ensure that websites conform with W3C web accessibility and usability standards.
  • To develop and maintain the company intranet.
  • Maintain and develop the customer areas of the websites.
  • Manage and develop internal communications through the intranet tools and technology (TROPOS and Microsoft Sharepoint).

1999 - 2005


Technical Author / Documentation Manager

Companies:SSI and TRL

  • To manage the release and change control of all documentation as allocated.
  • To keep abreast of and apply the latest techniques in the production and delivery of software product documentation, ensuring that it is provided in the most appropriate format and media.
  • To develop and maintain quality documentation on the comapny's products which meet the requirements of our customers and business partners.
  • To ensure that all activities covered by the area of responsibility i.e. the development and management of product documentation, are carried out in accordance with the attainment and retention of ISO9000, that all reporting staff are contributing collectively to the process of continuous improvement and that this is reflected in the quality of our products.
  • To maintain a detailed knowledge of how the company's products meet our customers business requirements to ensure that the correct focus is adopted in all documentation.
  • To maintain a good understanding of consulting and implementation methodologies to ensure that product documentation fits within this framework.
  • To work with, and as part of project teams to ensure that all product documentation (including online help text) is delivered as an integral part of the company's packaged products and is consistent with and complimentary to product training materials.
  • To provide training on word processing tools and techniques within the company.
  • Assistant to the internal quality auditor

1997 - 1999

Project Manager

Company: TRL

  • Managed and Developed the SCOOT Traffic Control Website in 1998 and then subsequently maintained it through 1998/1999.
  • Responsible for the production and delivery of all Urban Traffic Control product documentation in both Word and PDF.
  • Project Manager for a Traffic Management course.
  • Line Manager to 1 member of staff.
  • Project Bidding:  Was responsible for preparing tender documentation for potential future work.
  • Secretary to a quarterly Steering Committee:  Coordinated and organized meetings for committee members from the Dept of Transport, Siemens, Peek Traffic Control and TRL.

1995 - 1999

Traffic Researcher

Company: TRL

  • Responsible Traffic Data collection and analysis.
  • Developed and maintained the traffic product maintenance database for Customer fault reporting and fixing.

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I would describe myself as an enthusiastic, creative and innovative team player who has the ability to communicate with people at all levels. I am very approachable and willing to help others wherever possible.

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Career Goals: To lead a team of designers and developers and increase the internet presence and profile of a large blue-chip organisation. To specialise in techniques for marketing on the internet.

Short-term Aims: Further Certifications in Microsoft Products and Solutions, Certification to recognise my ability in Adobe products, further explore the possibilities of AJAX and Web 2.0 technology, and achieve proficiency in Adobe Flash to complete my web technology set of skills.

Mike Harrison

Thank you for checking out my online cv, Best Regards - Mike

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