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About me

I'm 36 years old and have been living in Gloucestershire with my girlfriend since the start of 2007. As a couple we very much enjoy movies, walking, geocaching, camping and travel. I have numerous hobbies and interests, more than time allows for. These are my top 6:

1. Football

Football: Definitely my number 1 hobby, I enjoy both 5-a-side football and 11-a-side and have played since I was able to walk. I'm a keen Tottenham Hotspur Supporter and hope one day they'll finish higher in the league than Arsenal or Man Utd.

2. Fishing


I have a passion for Carp fishing and try to get out when the weather is good.  I fish often in France as well as the UK and even run Fishing in France Directory - a free resource for French fishery owners to advertise their lakes.

Below is 38lb Common Carp I caught at Hooked in France last summer:

A 38lb Common Carp from Hooked in France in Summer 07

3. Computer Games

Xbox 360Computer Games: I'm a big fan of the Xbox 360 and love games like Halo 3, Command & Conquer and Gears of War.

4. DVDs

DVDs: I'm rather proud of my collection of dvds, so much so I created the DVD Collectors website some years ago to provide information and reviews on DVDs.

5. Roleplaying Games

Geek Club: Tuesday evenings I join a bunch of my geeky friends where we play games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering.

6. Freelance Web Design

Freelance Web Design: I am a co-owner of the 'spare time' company Imagine Services Limited where I design and host websites for friends, colleagues, friends of friends etc. Here's a selection of sites that are still running:

Pure Potential - a business, team and individual coaching website.

Turkey Apartment Holidays - a website advertising some apartments for rent in Turkey

Fishing in France Directory - a directory of fishing websites in France

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Online Resources

Below is a list of resources I use to aid with website development and online marketing:

Photo/Graphic Libraries:

Search Engine Optimisation

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Last updated on 12/04/2010